Debunking the Citadel = SLV and that they want it to go up, claim that is all over reddit

Lets just use the easy math to debunk this. SLV Outstanding Shares Total via Fintel 610,650,000 shares

Citadel SLV Outstanding Shares Total via Fintel

6,023,117 shares (6,023,117 / 610,650,000) *100 = 0.9% Total Ownership of SLV by Citadel 6,023,117 * $26.77 (Current Price) = $161,238,842.09 or $161 million

Citadel Total Assets (Via Wikipedia Oct 2020) = $35 billion ($161 million / $35 billion )*100 = 0.046% Percentage of SLV of Citadel entire portfolio To summarize, Citadel holds 0.9% of all SLV shares. This is quite a small position when looking at the SLV market as a whole. It hold SLV as 0.046% of its total portfolio. Citadel does not represent or hold close to a majority holding of SLV at all. It holds 0.13% of its portfolio in SLV puts. Representing 21,564,800 shares short or 3.53% of all SLV shares.