January 31, 2021 Sunday News Wrap Up

Great New Leader #DFV

Just a clip of a Financial Times article in case you need more proof that JP Morgan has been caught manipulating the gold and silver markets.

Not sure what to make of this. I guess it could be real and we are onto something. Or should we be worried. Make of it what you will. I'm holding.

Gold swap net contracts of the big banks. Very short on all big banks on gold. Winklevoss's getting involved. Quick debunk of the today's claim that Citadel holds a majority of SLV shares and they are behind getting people to move from GME to SLV.


Shares Outstanding


Citadel's SLV Shares Outstanding


or 0.009% of total SLV shares.

I heard today that this could be the greatest reverse wealth transfer by taking some wealth from the big banks that have ruled our country for so long and rigged many different systems, caused many market crashes.

-silverstackr SLV TO THE MOON

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