The Age of Silver

This is it. This is our Financial Revolution. This is the moment for millions of Americans and people from all over the world to reevaluate where they have decided to invest in their future. We are collectively asking the question of whether or not our investments are working towards a better future, one without wall street hegemony or one under the boot of the financial elites. Before they take all of our remaining middle class wealth in the next market crash or through inflation and the printing of dollars, we need to put our collective will to work to change our current systems. Read blog posts, watch youtube videos or check WSB comments about SLV and silver, and its history of market manipulation in the form of paper short sales for which the physical silver does not exist. But for this comment, suffice it to say it is our goal is to short squeeze silver. Why? Because when we poked the nest of hedge funds with the spear of WSB we witnessed mainstream media run cover stories. We saw whole trading platforms disallow buying of a popularly liked stock. Yet they still want you to buy their stocks, the stocks that they have held since much lower levels. What has GME shown us? That they will deplatform, censor, cover, call up their buddy billionaires to halt trading, bring on CEOs to bad mouth us, all to dissuade us from our faith in GME. GME became a symbol of hope of regular people against the New Nobility. The masks have fallen off of every news anchor, analyst, twitter account, and any other person and lobbies for the corpo-political swamp. It has uncovered in plain view the merger of powers of the Digital Dictators (Google, Twitter, Facebook), Big TV Media (CNBC, CNN, Fox Business), and Big Government (all politicians). That is their team, and they think they are big and powerful, yet they are actually an laughably small number of people. They believe they are divinely ordained to rule over us with rigged markets, “curated” social media feeds, and straight up propagandist news channels. The reality is that we are big - we are hundreds of millions – they are the few. We have the ability to move markets after deliberation on forums. We have the power to act. Career politicians making millions on TSLA calls due to new legislation (Nancy Pelosi), Congress passing a breadcrumb stimulus during this crushing pandemic, $800,000 speaking fees to Fed Chairman Janet Yellen from the owner of Robinhood (Citadel) and money to Pakistan for gender studies, billionaire and brokerage bailouts for a measly hedge fund – these are all gigantic slaps in the face to the American people. And it won't stop until we tell them we are done with being beaten down. This SLV movement has the potential to crash the system and redistribute the wealth to all peoples. If we all buy physical silver, demand delivery of SLV, the giant shorting mechanism of JP Morgan will be in jeopardy. The difference between this and GME will be that there will be no bagholders at the end. Each and every person who participates will have a large amount of wealth in the new currency, silver. There will be new cryptos backed by silver, and we will be able to trade digitally and safely as we do now. We will be able to trade physically as well with no tax, and full privacy. We will be able to restart our own currency of an extremely useful, underloved, past money that can once again protect us from infinite money printing, and billionaire pigs stuffing their pockets from the trough of the Federal Reserve. What we can do is ditch the dollar and move all of our investments into silver. We will not need the dollar and we will leave them holding the dollar bag. Change the currency we use on them, and we can win back our freedom and our country. We can band together for a giant f*ck you to the elites, Economic World Forum and their Great Reset, Davos, and the landed financial elite. This is class warfare. With 34% of all dollars in existence printed and put on the balance sheet of our Federal Reserve in the year 2020, we have all seen everyone pile into the one place they feel like they can still trust which is the stock market. However, at some point the bubble will end. Imagine if we left the top 1% that owns 90% of stock holding the bag while we all move into the people's currency, which has been silver for nearly all of written history. We can take our wealth back with this short squeeze. We should all never sell silver and it will punish the corrupt upper class. We will decide the future of our world with this squeeze, and take back our power, financial freedom and wealth. This is a call to arms!!! This is a fight for a fair and democratic society!! Hedge against hyperinflation! Hedge against tyranny!

Toilet paper hands stay away. Extras: Silver is the most reflective and conductive metal in our physical universe. This makes it useful and necessary for many technological applications such as EV's, solar panels, phones, cars, medicine. It will never not be needed. It's quite literally God's money. For the atheists out there it means it was placed at the top levels of utility and rarity on our Earth by whichever force created it. It is written in our constitution it is one of the only forms of real money. Put your financial value into things that will make the world a fairer place – SLV and physical silver. Its time for a Financial Revolution!!!! SLV To the Moon!!

From the Constitution: “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but GOLD and SILVER Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility. “ Check out The Big Silver Short by Chris Marcus, works by Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, and Greg Mannarino or watch their youtube for more info.

This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.